The Buoy shed

The Fishery museum is located in the former buoy shed, wich was used to store and repair buoys. The crane on the quay, the lorry and the rails are still there and form part of the museum.

The history of the ZK 4

The ship was originally built as a freighter. Due to increasing road transport, the ship became obsolete. In 1950 she was bought by Georgius Brian. With ship number “ZK 4” he fished with this ship until 1969, when the Lauwerszee was cut off from the sea. After that the ship went to Delfzijl, where fisherman Harry Krol used her as a fishing boat until 2001.

A team of volunteers eventually brought the ship back to Zoutkamp – back home! Now a unique part of the fishery history of Zoutkamp has been preserved.

A Fisherman’s house is rescued….

Many fischerman’s houses in Zoutkamp were demolished in the past and several historical buildings went to the Open air museum in Enkhuizen.

In 2006 a family from Zoutkamp donated one of the remaining houses to the Fishery Museum. Under the supervision of an expert, volunteers of the museum dismantled the house marking all the elements.

The house has now been rebuilt behind the museum.

Opening times:

From April till November

Monday to Friday      10 am – 5 pm

Saturday                        10 am – 4 pm

Sunday                           13 pm- 5 pm

In July and August

Monday to Sunday 10 am – 5 pm


After reservation, a former fisherman can give a tour of the museum.

Entrance fees:

Adults                                   € 3.00


Experience the smell of fish, tar, wood and diesel, and forget todays busy society for a while